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When The Rush Comes (Armin Van Buurens Universal Religion Remix)
by Motorcycle
Motorcycle are deemed a progressive group .. they were a collaboration between San Francisco-based trance duo Gabriel & Dresden with vocalist Jes Brieden The single was a rock orientated version but there were many remixes.. this being one of them The single being remixes of the song up to 5 dependant on what one you got and even more exist

The Radio edit mix reached top 10 in Belgium and Finland and The Netherlands made 11 in the Uk but didn’t crack the Billboard Hot 100 in the uSA although did hit #1 in the Dance Play chart

Motorcycle were effectively active 2003 to 2005 although Jes has recored material before and after that

I’m not sure if this is or isn’t my favourite of the remixes tbh

2004 - United States - Maxi Single Release
Posted: 7th April 2019
Paul Lancaster
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