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I've been thinking a bit (steady on) about the @debutch post of TRB and how things change over the years. I'm posting this as my Ultimate Jam on TIMJ though there was lots of competition.

Back to the start then I brought a few singles including "All The Young Dudes" but being an confused youngster I went into Woolies in Norwich and brought the 'Mott" album as the first real Lp I ever paid money for because it was released when "All the Young Dudes" was in the charts - only (buffoon) to find that it wasn't on the LP! OK big disappointment then but side 1 track one was this and I loved it! It interested me because in those days even though I wouldn't have been able to recognise it there is so much clever stuff going on AND the opening Line "Forgot My Six string Razor, Hit the sky" was just a statement for me..

However, there are some lyrics in it that I repeat solely for the purposes of what comes next. "Some Spade Said Rock'n'rollers You're all the same, man thats your instrument, I felt so ashamed" I was a yokel from Norfolk right? When they sung that I thought they were talking about an implement to turn the earth over or at worst a card in a deck.

Only years later did I discover that actually it could be deemed a racist comment...

Now What do I do? Do I disown the track? Do I feign ignorance?

There are a lot worse things out there - What If I was a fan of Gary Glitter or one of those increasing numbers of artists you revered in the day who have got themselves involved in awful practices. I didn't like him much in 1973 but he had a big following and in the late 1980s I went to the UEA locally to see him (supported by Westworld by the way, who were excellent) In the queue outside I was amazed how many teenagers were there - crikey I was 30+ it was this time of year and they all wore Glitter and or tinsel and we all sung along.

How do they feel now? How do you feel if you're watching a video and Saville comes on to introduce your favourite band especially if he makes some quip that (at the time seemed ok - and still might be) now seems just plain wrong. Me? Queasy I tell you.

So what do I do with this my favourite ever record - or if not damn close to it?

Actually I think in context its probably not meant in a racist way - wrong word certainly as we NOW know and probably if Ian Hunter wanted he could change that word whilst not losing the context of the song (If you have seen him does he?) so I'm playing it and saying how wonderful it is..

This is a recording from the original 1973 LP - when they (eventually) released it as a single they cut out bits which lessened the enjoyment for me. The LP was a monster for me and I love almost all of it The original gatefold leave had a plastic stencil of Ian Hunters head but i played it so much that fell out and the LP eventually died from "Cheap needle syndrome" anyone who owned a Phillips Record Player would know exactly what I mean.. and I brought the CD

It then got remastered a few years ago new artwork too and I anxiously awaited the sound as I put it in the player - only to be disappointed - they lost a lot of the subtlety the interaction between guitar and Saxophone in the first break ruined by taking the guitar up into the mix Lost a few piano notes at the beginning and Worst of all after the last chorus when Andy McKay is firing away at full chat Mick Ralphs in the back ground and getting louder only to take over with a concluding solo they buggered that up too. Finally as Ralphs takes over Mckay leaves his solo with a real screeching noise and they took that out completely - WHAT!?

As a final concluding note to this "missive" I bet you can think of lots of songs that have been written where the lyrics or even song titles are dubious maybe even as subtle as a flying mallet but you love them. Often the lyrics are expressed in such a way that you may think twice or there is a double entendre

Or is it "Thats Entertainment" and I need to stop thinking?

Blocked in two countries "including Germany" so much stuff blocked there I wonder if their U-tube consists only of Kraftwerk videos anyway heres a link to another version of that original LP hope it works

Strangely there is,'t much on U-tube for the remastered version although there is a post with the new artwork - Perhaps I'm not the only one then

Edited - RIP Dale Griffin -

1973 - United Kingdom
Posted: 15th December 2015
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