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Zombie (Cold Fusion Remix)
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In view of the events with Chris Cornell this week am treating this posting with a certain amount of trepidation... it might be unnecessary.. but the track might get pulled (or replaced) quite quickly. So if @debutch and @lesakramer5 (who have encouraged me to post) find its gone.. I’ve given you a shout out

I have to say that the trembly lip has little to do with me personally only what came out of it.

In 1994 I was living in moreorless a musical void My then wife was into Queen and Mozart but we did see Genesis.. I didn’t have a problem with that really, those who have followed my postings will be aware of that. I don’t think I heard it much on the local radio station but in any event this song was a bit of a ‘durge” in my opinion.. I never even listened to then lyrics much not understanding how powerful it was and what it was relating too. So the song came and went without registering much on my radar..

I did catch up with the video on mTV when we got cable TV in 1995 but the song still did nothing much

So whats the reasoning then,

well When i moved into my future wife's house back in 1987 there was a youngish next door neighbour called Gary.. My then partner (call her Jane) had told me that Gary had been a support to her as she was divorced and feeling a bit lost at times. Gary and I became acquaintances but it was almost as much as it ever became. We spoke cordially in the street and if we have encountered each other in the garden. We both had cats but his had a habit so leaving his calling card in out kitchen! Cheers

In 1993 ish Gary found a girlfriend (call her Sue) who also had a grey cat called Choppy and she moved in later that year. The two of them would go off on holiday often to Bermuda and we would look after the cats. Sue was more chatty than Gary but between us we never really invited each other into our respective abodes. Choppy was an adorable British blue cat and would often spend a long time in our garden.

In early 1997 Jane and I agreed to split up and she moved out.. we later got divorced. Shortly before Gary and Sue also split up.. but the Cat was left with Gary. One day I was upstairs and I heard this song blaring out over the speakers in Garys dining room but it was on repeat.. I get the feeling that there may have been alternative mixes of it but maybe wrong (and can’t find reference to a specific piece of recorded material with it and remixes on the same CD) but they played very loud on repeat,

Initially I thought nothing of it but when it became very common occurrence I began to think there was something wrong. In the meantime I’d met my future wife and most of my weekends were spent out and about and with work being very busy I wasn’t at home much. I still saw Gary occasionally and we’d pass the time of day for a while nothing was apparent he’d still play Zombie on loop.. and he always seemed to be in his very casuals

Then in November 2OOO i finally sold the house it had been “on the market” for a while but then I had 2 offers very quickly and “mrs smith” who was seeking a quick move gave me the asking price. I went to see Gary and ask him if some plants we wanted to transplant to our new home could be looked after and he agreed. Sometime after the move we went back to collect - I never saw Gary

Sometime after our big event in 2001 I heard that Gary had been found in his house having committed suicide. Apparently he was only discovered because a “ravenously hungry cat” was making a lot of noise..

I have come to appreciate the song but whenever I hear it I can’t help but think that I may have done something and recognised the initial signs of depression and whether they should be flagged and for that reason alone I get a “tremply Lip moment”

The song came from the second Cranberries album, the band was made up with
Dolores O'Riordan – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards
Noel Hogan – electric and acoustic guitars
Mike Hogan – bass guitar
Fergal Lawler – drums and percussion

The album was very successful making top 3 almost everywhere (top 6 in the USA) and the single equally successful incl #1 in the USAlternative charts it made #14 in the UK. For me its mostly remembered for the Grungy guitar and very “breathy” vocals by Dolores... plus powerful lyrics which according to her were about the death of 2 teenagers in 1993 in a bombing in Warrington UK but cast back to the troubles and the 1916 uprising..

The Cranberries released 5 albums in the period 1989 although it wasn’t until 1993 that their releases (starting with the single “Linger”) caught on. In 2004 Dolores started collaborating with other musicians and the band entered into a “hiatus” period reforming in 2009 and releasing a new album “Roses” in 2012. They have just released a new album “Something Else” where this song is stripped back and many of their hits are accompanied by the Irish Chamber Orchestra or unplugged

I chose this remix simply because the song has been posted before and its a bit “lighter” for fans who’d rather hear the original.. here it is..
1994 - Ireland - From the album No Need To Argue and single release
Posted: 21st May 2017
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