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Holiday In Cambodia (original album Version)
by The Dead Kennedys
I am currently reading Max Hastings ’The Vietnam War” and whilst its not directly to do with this song there is an obvious Far Eastern Connection and the timeline for the end of Vietnam is sort of in line with the beginning of Pol Pot and I keep thrumming the song through my head from time to time

This is not a History Juke or a political one either

The Original version of the song was originally released as the second single after California Uber Ales and is just less than a minute shorter than the album version with different guitar parts. That version eventually appeared on the 1987 album Give me Convenience or Give me Death

This is the #debuts album version which I can’t see has been posted on the jukebox before in this format

I saw the band a few years ago without Jello but otherwise the original lineup

East Bay Ray – guitars
Jello Biafra - vocals
D.H. Peligro – drums, backing vocals
Klaus Flouride – bass, backing vocals

Ron Greer doing the vocals...

They were quite fantastic and “old Pros” now so even live a lot of the rough edges (which might have been quite appealing in 1980) have gone and overall it was an excellent experience.

One of the best experiences ever at a concert was the whole crowd, mostly young, seemingly chanting Pol Pot at the top of their voices Many of whom might well have not known who he was

I posted this on TIMJ and its totally appropriate for my 1000th..

@a3poify posted the single version in December

Controversy alert

"While the original lyrics include the satirically quoted word "niggers", subsequent performances by the reformed Dead Kennedys (post-2001, without vocalist Jello Biafra) and various other artists who have recorded the song over the years have omitted it substituting other words in its place"

United States - Original Single Release this a re-recorded version from the album Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
Posted: 12th March 2019
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