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E Bay
by Weird Al Yankovic

When is a cover not a cover when its a parody and are parodies Novelty? - I think so..

I find Weird Al quite funny- he’s very well observed and he’s genuinely funny and you often find things sometime after the first hearing or two which keeps the chuckling going a sign of a good comedian

The tail end of this week has been fairly rubbish

1) My wife sings in a church choir and they practice on a Friday - convenient for everyone. There is a new choirmaster who thinks that Fridays are rubbish so has decided to change the day to Wednesday which is the day I go out for my Pop quiz, she appears to have done that because of some terrible bit in her contract which forbids her having time off on Sundays to visit her parents AND she thinks the choir will get new members if they change the day..

2) Yesterday whilst she was out in a meeting with said choirmaster she parked the car a reasonable walk from her house but this morning we found that some S.O.A.B had keyed down the whole side of the car. Reported it to the Police but nil chance of finding out who did it.. I hope they fall down a black hole somewhere

3) Norwich lost

I was feeling so cross I played (randomly) my T.I.M.J playlist which I have on an iTunes playlist and kicked the hell out of any bugs that might have been on or in the air or carpet and was sorely tempted to post something viciously angry or bitter

I’ve got over it now so here’s Weird Al With a Parody of The Backstreet Boys mid 90s classic "I want it That way”

"Williams Shatner’s Old Toupe.... “ ha ha

My last Posting under this theme thanks of everybody who has contributed it could almost have been an addendum to I hate this (I ALMOST did the hashtag...)
2003 - United States
Posted: 9th April 2016
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