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by Lafeyette Afro Rock Band
A group that's new to me...& do I ever feel like I stumbled upon gold! I'm calling it on year, country & label, because I don't know & can't find much of a thing about them & what I see is a little conflicting. The youtube pic is from their album, Malik, but the song track appears in another album, Soul Makossa(with a 7" RE of the track in 2009). Apologies, if I've gotten any of this wrong.

A wiki posted by the original Youtube uploader: "Lafayette Afro Rock Band was a French funk rock band formed in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York in 1970. Though almost unknown in their native United States, they are now universally celebrated as one of the standout funk bands of the 1970s and admired for their use of break beats."

-- and this from Discogs: "The group was formed in Long Island, NY as the Bobby Boyd Congress; deciding America was already overloaded with funk acts, in 1971 they relocated to France, but when frontman Bobby Boyd returned stateside the remaining members renamed themselves Ice and became the house session band at producer Pierre Jaubert's Parisound studio."

-- and HEY! There's plenty of cowbell! ;-D
1973 - Musidisc - France
Posted: 10th December 2015
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