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Cold Little Heart
by Michael Kiwanuka
So I sat and wrote a whole piece yesterday about how my current musical spear seems to be influenced entirely by the television I watch (in all fairness I probably do watch far too much television!) However instead of hitting send I found myself distracted and managed to delete my entire thread, this left me with two options, either a) I try to rewrite the whole damn thing again or b) I just post the damn song.

Even if I wanted to I don't think I could remember half of what I wrote, I certainly couldn't make it as succinct as I'd managed in my last effort, so I'll simply say this, if you haven't yet watched Big Little Lies, you need to seek it out. The show itself is something beyond good that'll have you guessing right up to the last episode, even my wife and I whom we'd consider to be pretty good TV sleuths usually well ahead of the curb in terms of what is going on in this show or that, well let me tell you, this one really took us to the wire. But it's not just the drama, it's the soundtrack that goes with the show, I'd say easily in the Top 3 of all time televisual soundtracks, and I'm stacking this up against the likes of Breaking Bad, True Detective and the Sopranos, it's seriously that good!!

There is a soundtrack available from the show creators HBO available via Amazon...
other retail outlets are also available! But the standout track for me has to be the shows theme 'Cold Little Heart' by Michael Kiwanuka and that is what I have chosen to share with you, enjoy...
2016 - Polydor (UK) Interscope (US) - United Kingdom
Posted: 7th June 2017
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