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This Is Why We Fight
by The Decemberists feat. Sara Watkins
From Spin magazine 'Colin Meloy On Decemberists “Simple” New Album':

"This Is Why We Fight"

"This mid-tempo rocker starts ominously but gives way to a bright, sun-soaked chorus. And while the title suggests it’s Meloy’s critique of American policy abroad, he says it isn’t specifically about the War in Iraq. “In some ways, it’s political but I have not attributed it to anything,” he says. “I think of it more as a song for somebody who’s up against great odds, whether political or social.

The track [album version] closes with a raw recording of a woman singing about her dog running through a field, accompanied by banjo and harmonica. It sounds like an ancient Alan Lomax field recording, but it’s actually members Chris Funk and Jenny Conlee jamming on a porch with the studio owner, Sherry Pendarvis. “She was sitting out front with her dog,” says Meloy. “She had just been to the vet and she was soaking the dog’s paw and started making up this song.”'

From Wikipedia, 'The King Is Dead':

"The King Is Dead is the sixth studio album by The Decemberists, released on Capitol Records on January 14, 2011. Described as the "most pastoral, rustic record they've ever made" by Douglas Wolk of Rolling Stone, the album reached No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart for the week ending February 5, 2011. The song "This Is Why We Fight" reached number 19 on the U.S Alternative Songs Chart, while the song "Down by the Water" also charted in the United States. In November 2011, the band released an EP of album out-takes, entitled Long Live the King.

Prior to the album's release, frontman Colin Meloy stated: "If there's anything academic about this record, or me trying to force myself in a direction, it was realising that the last three records were really influenced by the British folk revival [...] this whole world that I was discovering, that I was poring over, learning inside-out. It was a wanting to get away from that. And looking back into more American traditions, reconnecting with more American music."'
2011 - Capitol, Rough Trade - United States
Posted: 18th November 2015
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