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Waltz #2
by Elliott Smith

I've been thinking about starting a hashtag like this for some time. I don't expect everyone to play but I'd be interested in hearing what some of your favourite songs are.

The contrivance of lists is something I'm sure a lot of us music fans not only enjoy but actively carry out. (Who has seen 'High Fidelity' and identified with John Cusack's character? Come on, be honest). For a significant birthday a few years ago, I made a list of one song for every year I'd been alive. This took some time, not only because I'm old (haha) but because I wanted each of the songs to really mean something to me. And to make it all that more challenging, I tried to pick both an Australian artist and an international artist for each year. Some years were difficult because I was spoilt for choice while other were difficult because choices were limited. But I persevered and ended up with a great playlist for my party.

Not long after, I thought I'd make a shorter list of my most favourite songs, mainly because I wanted to burn them onto a disc for the car. After much deliberation, I whittled the list down to 27 songs. I never ended up making a disc because I figured I could just save it in my Spotify account and play it from there, wherever I was.

I very recently went back and had a look at this list again. Time had served to remind me of a whole bunch of artists I'd completely forgotten about the first time around. By the same token, there were a couple of tracks on there I viewed less favourably than when I created the list. These aren't bad songs, in my mind, but just not worthy of being on my 'top' list. I'm not going to post every track on the list, not by a long shot. But I thought I'd share some of my absolute favourites, in no particular order.

First up is Elliott Smith.

I first heard him when I was living in a group house in the inner-Sydney suburb of Chippendale in the mid to late 90s. My house-mate and friend Dave, an incredible guitarist and a bit of a lost boy back then, introduced me to Elliott at a time when I was listening to a lot of indie rock. I was instantly hooked. We would sit on our found furniture in our dingy lounge room, smoking and drinking and dissecting the world one song at a time. His album, 'XO', was never far from our CD player. And this track from the album, more than any other, touched me deeply, not just for its reference to the You Am I song, 'Cathy's Clown' (which is another favourite - watch this space), nor for the 3/4 timing, making it a genuine waltz but particularly for the beautiful guitar playing.

We both cried when we heard he'd died. We weren't sharing a house by that time but shared a lengthy phone call. I know he's not likely to read this, but I want to dedicate this to Dave, no longer lost but still wanting.
1998 - DreamWorks - United States
Posted: 4th May 2016
Mark Mason
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