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Lumberjack Christmas / No One Can Save You from Christmases Past
by Sufjan Stevens
Better post something Christmassy, we've got a hallway full of xmas decorations I dug out of the loft last week, and after a weekend of being out and about they're still there and the house is a bit of a mess, with unfinished xmas wrapping all over the dining room and a load of cards still to write! Just got to spruce things up today - haha just realised what I said while typing it in, not literally, we are not having an xmas tree this year as going to lovely friends for xmas day. Anyway, not sure where I heard this, most likely Radio Paradise, I take it as being about growing up (I resent that Santa went), and about missing family who are gone, you can't bring them back, just be thankful for Christmases past and enjoy the present I say. Sorry I don't seem to have much time to give the jukebox full attention and be organised and 'hit back' with listens and likes but will try, just don't know where the time goes!
Have a good week everyone, hope you are all thriving :-) x
Posted: About 4 hours ago
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