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Action (Top of the Pops 24 July 1975)
by Sweet
Thought I'd squeeze in another Sweet tune as it's #SweetsNChocWeek
Checking through entries on here for the album Give Us A Wink I was rather shocked to find I haven't posted this yet! It has already been juked thanks to @Caronline and @ThomasOShea :-)

#SweetChannelAlbum: #GiveUsAWink

Again, notes thanks to Mick Duthie's excellent book "No Matter What They Say". There's too much to post here, so I've taken a few snippets.

Andy: This song came at a time when we were having a lot of aggro from managers and record companies.... And someone just said one day, probably Steve, “Look everybody wants a piece of the action.” And we’re going “Great, we’ve gotta write this.” And I remember we sat down with bits of paper saying, ‘What do we want in this? We want this to be a three minute 40 song that’s got everything in it.' And that’s what we set out to do. It’s even got the cash register in the middle. Ch-ching! I just thought it was phenomenal.

On 23 May (1975) the band commenced recording at Audio International Studios in London with Louis Austin again engineering whilst the band produced... The following evening Mick, Steve and Brian were among the crowd at Earl’s Court to be blown away by the powerful, not to say, deafening performance of Led Zeppelin. Andy, to his eternal chagrin, was tied up with a family commitment."
Sessions continued on 30th May and 4th June, with the final mix finished on 7th June, getting a thumbs up from RCA the following day, and the master being cut at EMI London on 10th June.
The recording featured a build to the chorus, where the band repeated the word 'liar' several times. They also recorded the phrase 'You kiss my arse' but reversed this part of the tape and buried it in the mix behind the 'Liar, liar' section - cheeky.

At this time they really felt they were on the threshold of something new, according to Mick. In June, the group began preparing to record their first totally self-written and produced album, which was to be Give Us A Wink.

The single reached No. 15 in the UK in July 1975 and achieved considerable success worldwide, peaking at No 2 in Germany, Norway and Sweden.
1975 - RCA
Posted: 24th May 2019
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