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One Mint Julep
by Tommy Emmanuel

Earlier this week I was lucky to see Tommy Emmanuel perform live.

He told us he is sometimes asked "Do you improvise?". His response is "My whole life is improvised!". Tommy started playing at the age of four, and by age 6 he was playing in the family band. His style.. well he ranges through classical, traditional folk, blues, you name it he seems to be able to play it. Unusual, interesting, I've never seen anyone playing like that, and he does some great percussive stuff on his guitar, just look at the state of it! He gave a lesson on how to play a bluegrass piece and how to gradually build up the speed with practise - "you've got to be REALLY relaxed to do this bit", he said. He told us the stories behind some of his songs, and he calls them 'songs' even when there are no words. Some do have words and he sang for us too. He told us about his hero and mentor Chet Atkins, how Chet responded to his letter way back and gave him encouragement, how he got to meet Chet, and how he came to record with him. His relaxed manner and pure enjoyment gave the whole evening a kind of glow. The audience was enthralled.. you could have heard a pin drop at times. A nice sprinkling of humour, not too much, just enough. He was singing one particular song, and doing some neat stuff with his guitar, then came to the end of the last verse. At that point, brushing a rhythm on the guitar body with his right hand and playing the strings with the left.. "Take it away boys..." he said slowing turning to the empty stage behind... then looks sort of surprised... :-)

If you missed "Angelina" here it is:

I had trouble deciding which track to post, something serene maybe, but chose this one because it is interesting and a good piece of live footage. His latest album "It's Never Too Late" is just beautiful.
This track appears on the albums "Live One" and "It's Never Too Late".
Posted: 19th January 2017
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