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Vivaldi: Violin Concerto in B minor, RV 387
by L'Arte dell'Arco
Three movements:
I. Allegro;
II. Largo;
III. Allegro.

This selection comes from thirty or so violin-based concertos composed by Vivaldi and dedicated to Anna Maria, one of his most gifted pupils (she also went on to become one of his most important colleagues, remaining on the staff at the Ospedale Della Pieta in Venice for nearly 70 years, until her death at the age of 86).

As one might expect given his longstanding admiration of her, Vivaldi crafted these remarkably versatile, ravishing concertos not only to showcase the soloist's apparently limitless expressive range and virtuosity, but also loaded them with wit and an endearing personality to match Maria's own (as he saw her).
Conductor (and solo violin): Federico Guglielmo. First violin: Carlo Lazari; Second violin: Rossella Croce; Viola: Mario Paladin; Cello: Pietro Bosna; Violone double bass: Massimiliano Mauthe von Degerfeld; Theorbo lute: Federico Marincola; Harpsichord: Nicola Reniero.
Posted: 14th July 2019
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