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Delibes: Kassya (ballet) - 'Trepak'
by Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra
"Kassya" is a French-language opera in four acts and five tableaux by Léo Delibes, to a libretto by Henri Meilhac and Philippe Gille, after a novella by Sacher-Masoch. Unfinished on Delibes' death in 1891, it was completed and orchestrated by Jules Massenet in 1893. The Trepak is a Cossack dance where men kick out their legs by turn from a squatting position, and was most notably featured in Tchaikovsky's own ballet, "The Nutcracker".

Brief Synopsis
At the foot of the Carpathian mountains, Kassya, a young gypsy girl, is in love with the peasant Cyrille, but leaves him for the Count of Zevale, who dominates the region. Although the winner, the Count is resentful and forces Cyrille to enlist in the imperial armies. Two years later, on his return, Cyrille finds his father reduced to misery by the tyrannical aristocrat, accompanied by his childhood friend Sonia, who has never ceased to love him since they were young. Cyrille, the hero, then convinces the peasants to revolt and to overthrow the Count. Kassya is by now a Countess whose cruelty soon equals that of her husband; however, Cyrille saves the young woman from a difficult situation (being lynched by the masses). Kassya tries to revive her relationship with her former lover, but when Cyrille's wedding with his faithful promised Sonia goes ahead, she kills herself.
Conductor: Ondrej Lenard.
Posted: 12th September 2019
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