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Mahler: Des Knaben Wunderhorn
by London Philharmonic Orchestra
A collection of German Folk poetry put together by Achim von Arnim and Clemens Brentano (both poets and novelists who were influential in the 19th century) helped shape Mahler's set of compositions (in English, "The Boy's Miraculous Horn"). However, to gain a real understanding of the very complicated history behind this cycle of twelve songs, you should refer to Wikipedia's comprehensive article at
The twelve songs (those included since 1901, at least):
1. Revelge;
2. Rheinlegendchen;
3. Lied Des Verfolgten Im Turm;
4. Wer Hat Dies Liedlein Erdacht;
5. Lob Des Hohen Verstandes;
6. Der Schildwache Nachtlied;
7. Wo Die Schönen Trompeten Blasen;
8. Trost Im Unglück;
9. Des Antonius Von Padua Fischpredigt;
10. Verlor'ne Müh';
11. Das Irdische Leben;
12. Der Tamboursg'sell.
Conductor: Wyn Morris. Soloists: Geraint Evans, baritone; Dame Janet Baker, contralto.
Posted: 10th December 2018
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