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Puppet Man
by Tom Jones

I was just doing random plays from this ridiculously large playlist called, definitively enough, "DJ's All Time Favorite Songs, Period". It's like 670+ songs, and it's consistently accurate to my feelings. I admit there are actually four Tom Jones songs on that list, but don't judge too harshly. I grew up hearing him all the time. My mom loved the guy. And a lot of the songs stuck. For me, the pinnacle was the album Tom Jones Sings She's a Lady. Man, that is a soulful album. And the songs... Covers of Neil Sedaka, Jimmy Webb, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Paul Anka, etc.

Puppet Man is a feel good song with a fun groove. It was written and first released in 1959 by Neil Sedaka. Damn, Sedaka could write pop. This particular version, according to Wiki, was recorded at the same time as the version by The 5th Dimension. I liked both, but the Tom Jones version, to my ears, is more powerful.

The B-side of the 45 is another of my favorite Tom Jones tracks. "Resurrection Shuffle". It was another powerhouse, though it couldn't quite replace the Ashton Gardner & Dyke original.

So the truth is out. Most of my T-shirts said Black Sabbath, and I certainly didn't tell my friends about a lot of the records hidden from their sight under the bed. Kingston Trio, Anita O'Day, Tom Jones, Joni Mitchell, etc. Those guys had knives.

BONUS! Oh joy!! This video really pleases my not-just-inner geek. Much fun footage of The Thunderbirds, including Brains bustin' a move. And I always wanted Parker and Lady Penelope to bust the other kind of move in the back of that car, but I'm male, so I think about sex several hundred times a day. YOU try that! You'll get to Parker and Lady Penelope eventually.

1971 - Decca - United Kingdom
Posted: 16th January 2020
DJ Johnson
Old timer, old enough to have seen The Beatles on Ed Sullivan's show, an event that changed my life forever. Playing guitar, bass, keyboards and a few other things for over 45 years. I spend most of my discretionary budget on music and always have, so my collection is ridiculous. I love most genres of music. Like every one of you and your siblings, I have a few shows on net radio. Just about everything I do has some relation to music.
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