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Melody Hill
by The Archies

(I have no idea if there's a bubblegum tag, but there should be.)

Okay. May of 1969. I just turned 10. Which meant I was just into the demographic window for bubblegum music. I was obsessed with The Beatles, but I was really susceptible to gum. And this is how I became a huge fan of a band that was really just a cartoon. They say your early musical loves stay with you, and it's true. My bubblegum collection, on first glance and last, is an obviously lovingly curated pile of vinyl containing many questionable platters, most recorded by studio musicians at the behest of cigar-chomping, comb-over honchos with an eye on exploitation and profits.

I didn't care.

Everyone remembers "Sugar Sugar", right? I had the 45 from just a few hours after I heard it on the radio, and I played it to death. But the B-side had far more wear and tear after a few months than the hit side. "Melody Hill" was my jam at 10. Relentlessly happy and dancy, loaded with jangle, harmony and pop structure. It was my gateway drug that led me to power pop, for which I'm grateful.

The vocalist here was Ron Dante. He was also the voice of The Cuff Links (of "Tracy" fame), and possessed an instantly recognizable voice I still love to this day. I got to interview him in the 90s during a comeback tour, and he has to be in the top 5% of the nicest people I ever interviewed. The interview almost seemed like two gum fans comparing notes about music they loved. I had to edit a lot of those exchanges out to avoid embarrassment. He sang lines from his Archies songs at various times in the interview and man, that voice still knocked me out. If anyone's interested, he still has the interview on his own site.

Anyway, the song still sounds great to me 51 years later. Hope you enjoy it.
1969 - Calendar - United States
Posted: 17th January 2020
DJ Johnson
Old timer, old enough to have seen The Beatles on Ed Sullivan's show, an event that changed my life forever. Playing guitar, bass, keyboards and a few other things for over 45 years. I spend most of my discretionary budget on music and always have, so my collection is ridiculous. I love most genres of music. Like every one of you and your siblings, I have a few shows on net radio. Just about everything I do has some relation to music.
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