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My Morphine
by Gillian Welch

If you like a good meaning-mystery, this track has a little of that. Some people apparently feel she's saying a specific woman is her morphine, and that mostly works with the lyrics. Some think she's saying it straight, but assigning a romantic component to the drug. Those of you who have had struggles with drugs can probably relate. I believe the latter. It's the real drug she's singing of, I say. One thing many songwriters have in common is that they don't like to talk about lyrics. If you press and ask why, it's almost always the same thing. Why alienate listeners for whom it has taken on deep meaning, even if you meant something altogether different when you wrote it? This is one of those songs, I think. If I had more romance in me I might think it's a woman. But I have been addicted to drugs, so...

1998 - Almo Sounds - United States - From the album Hell Among the Yearlings.
Posted: 17th May 2019
DJ Johnson
Old timer, old enough to have seen The Beatles on Ed Sullivan's show, an event that changed my life forever. Playing guitar, bass, keyboards and a few other things for over 45 years. I spend most of my discretionary budget on music and always have, so my collection is ridiculous. I love most genres of music. Like every one of you and your siblings, I have a few shows on net radio. Just about everything I do has some relation to music.
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