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by Priests
I like Rock 'n' Roll as a genre, but not many bands stand out and make me want to necessarily hear more of them- so I always treasure a song like this that arrests my attention, shows me a bit of the magic and makes me an instant fan.

I like the lyrics too....
You want some new brutalism?
You want something you can write home about
You want something to move away for
A reason to colonize
New hope in the great unwashed

Say it: "I've tasted maggots, I ate bugs
I've tasted maggot, I ate bugs"
Is George Clinton the kinda story your adventure's looking for?

Feels good to buy something you can't afford
It feels good to buy something you can't afford

It's a long movie
A long movie and you are not you
Contestant, contestant
You're on Wheel of Fortune

I worked too hard to have friends like you anymore, anymore, anymore, anymore

So don't ask me for an elevator speech
You and me both know about dishonesty
So don't ask me for

2017 - Sister Polygon - United States
Posted: 22nd November 2019
it's back. suppose it will always lurch back to life until it doesn't
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