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Only You
by Savage
Some delectable #ItaloDisco from Roberto Zanetti under his stage name Savage, whose mark on the Italian music industry went far and deep. Writer, producer, and founder of several companies, including DWA Records, he had a string of Italo Disco singles beginning with "Don't Cry Tonight" in late 1983--a song I heard the other night on 106.1 FM out of Krakow, Poland because my local radio stations just can't provide that proper 80s fix. This is from the album "Tonight."

I love this video to death. Even the awkward moments are incredibly endearing and the antagonist is so effortlessly smarmy he's like the 80s Italian James Spader.
1984 - Discomagic Records - Italy
Posted: 21st May 2019
Jason Taverner
Former top-rated variety show host who became an unrecognizable nobody overnight. Currently hunted by the entire apparatus of society. In his spare time he posts music on God's Jukebox, writes fictions, and looks forward to his death in the year 2047.
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