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The Vagrants weren't the only band to come out of Forest Hills High School, later there was another Queens-based combo you might have heard of...The Ramones.


"I Love, Love You" had originally been intended as the A-side, but in the end it was "Respect" that got the nod.  Unfortunately for the Vagrants, Aretha Franklin's version was released at virtually the same time.  The Vagrants never stood a chance.

Ahmet Ertegun took [our record] home to his granddaughter and he took home Aretha Franklin's record," recounts Sabatino, "and he said, "Which one do you like better?'  And this 13-year-old decided Aretha Franklin.  We were 56 in Billboard with 'Respect' and then she became #1 like two weeks later.  So our record got shelved by Atlantic because of this 13 year old girl.

"I didn't know who Aretha Franklin was!" he admits.  "I didn't know she had ten gold albums but she never had a single.  I didn't know how great she was, I just thought, "Who's this chick?  She's doing our song!,'" he laughs.  "'s not ours, it's Otis Redding's, but y'know, who's this chick?"
Light in the Attic - rereleased on "I Can't Make A Friend. 1965-1968"
Posted: 23rd September 2019
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