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The Known World
by Steven R Smith
Music = Emotion...right?
Perhaps not Planet Mad's most definitive equation, but then I'm no mathematician.
This week, saw the passing of Mark Hollis, co-founder, lead singer and principal songwriter of the wonderful Talk Talk. Frankly, like so many millions of others, I was dumbfounded. Mark Hollis? The guy from Talk Talk? But, but, he's only *looked up age* waaaay too young and...actually, when was the last time I heard anything he did? Mark pretty much chucked the musical towel in, about 20 years ago...20 bloody years. It felt like yesterday and I repaired to the band's Montreaux performance of 'Give It Up' on Da' Toob (as I very often do) to remind myself what an astounding talent we lost, not actually this week, but all those years ago. That, in some senses, is my point. The emotion, the energy, the ability to turn musical corners and astound, is still there...all around us...sadly, no longer from Mark Hollis, though as I say, that's history. But what a history...what a legacy...
I'm always deeply envious of anyone who has mastered a musical instrument, or who revels in the ability to pen amazing songs. That said, I am quite the master of the kazoo and back in my long evaporated yoof, flawlessly performed my interpretation of Freebird, on the multi-stringed Wilson T3000 Jimmy Connors steel tennis racquet, to the largely unfettered acclaim, of precisely no-one...well, it was in my bedroom, the vinyl was playing in the background and I may have been on my knees at the denouement...well, I did say it was MY interpretation.
Anyhoo, I digress. I used the word 'multi' just there. Of the two of you reading this, I had hoped one might notice. My Jam for this year, is performed by multi-instrumentalist, Steven R Smith (one of you may have noticed that in the header). A multi-instrumentalist, makes me even more envious (it really is the epitome of showing off). He is also adept in building instruments and printmaking. Talented in ways, I can only dream of. I stumbled onto his music, around 15 years ago and indeed, as only one can, when hooking up with non-mainstream artists, corresponded with him on musical matters, from time to time. At various points on his musical horizon, he embraces the sounds of Eastern Europe and amongst other things, it was this aspect that attracted me to his music. Although this particular track is simply quite beautiful, I should warn that much of his output can be challenging. Personally, I like that, though it can be very mood affecting, so adopting the right frame of mind to engage, is key. It's not 'in-car' stuff!
So there you have it. Music + Emotion. My stream of (un)consciousness doesn't always bring me to a rounded conclusion, but I seem through sheer osmosis, to have triumphed...
*This just in*...In truly spooky fashion, Steven has literally just responded to a question I posed, regarding a release later this year. Emotion? Now, I'm scared...
Posted: 28th February 2019
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