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Sunshine of your Love
by Ella
Christmas. Not a fan.
Bah and humbug...Gloria in Excelsis amounts.
When my son was but a wee laddie, I enjoyed watching him on Kringle morning. Now he’s all growed up, ‘tis but a fond memory.
These days, I try to go somewhere that's warmer and although it’s still Christmas (or Seasonal Mass Marketing and Über-Hyped Boloxmas, as I’m rather snappily calling it from this point on) I feel less inclined to want to curl up in a ball and tell everyone to bugger off. So, I’ll be doing that again...starting this Thursday. Indeed, it’s possible that I’ll extend that over New Year, too. Another despicable occasion, in my honest opinion...other opinions are available and you may lose those opinions, if you don’t have one worthy of opinionating.
All of that mumping aside, I do of course extend warmest wishes to all those Juketapositioners, who embrace this season. Just a crowd pleaser, that’s moi.
Right. That’s out the way. Time for a toon.
I was gonna’ Greeny Mac today, but Ella got in the way, so I'll return to the Fleets on another day. Before I expand upon that, y'all MUST, MUST, MUST watch this rather than listen to the track, itself. For reasons unknown, I can't get this flamin' site to hook up with the appropriate Toob http thingy doofer, so make do.
Some radio station or other, played this recently and although I’m fairly sure I’ve heard it once before, I’d forgotten how glorious it is. Despite the fact I’m incredibly picky on who covers what, where, when and exactly why, Ella is the exception that blitzes every rule.
Sunday’s an Ella kinda’ day, dontcha’ think?
This Toob footage is taken from the Ella Live at Montreaux 1969 DVD. Now, I’ve read a few disparaging reviews of the disc and frankly, I’m just not farkin’ ‘avin’ it. Yeh, yeh, Ms Fitz is at the wrong end of her stellar career and is flexing her still immense power in a more contemporary direction, but what of it? Who the hell wouldn’t want that luscious larynx to caress their toon and I’m willing to betcha’ those Cream boys were up for it, more than most.
Bugger it. I lurve, lurve, lurve da’ Cream and I’m not in the least put out by this. It’s Ella for cryin’ out loud! Doin' Cream!!
I’m gonna’ wager, this will make yer Sunday evening or whenever, that bit better....and if it doesn’t…
Posted: 18th December 2016
B.L. Zeebub
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