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Cantaloupe Island
by Herbie Hancock
Hello playmates.

Been earwigging lots of sounds lately, leaving me with an unusually lengthy playlist to share with y'all. Yes, yes, I intend to share my treasure trove of moozikal goodies, over a period of er, years. Wait, you thought I was gonna' start some regular posting here? Sorry, wrong Jukeshop.

Anyhoo, it turns out, I like jazz. There...said it. Back in the daze of my yoof, I recall my old Dad spinning many pieces of plastic with a hole in the middle, emitting some wonderful jazz sounds. Being a callow skoolfellow, brought up in the TOTP generation, before I actually developed my Prog lurve, much of it was beyond my ken, but I knew there was something appealing to my ears. As the peerless Oscar Peterson featured regularly, it is only right and proper, that in my curiously obtuse mind, I should select someone entirely different to represent my lurve of the genre and first foray on this platform. Why would you do such a thing, I hear no-one ask? Well, in the way that you think you've accumulated a lot of knowledge on a variety of subjects over the years, then realise you actually know an amount that wouldn't cause an overflow in a thimble, I heard this cut from Mr Herbie Hancock, just recently. I know know Herb...or do we? I recognize the electrotechno Herb, but outside of that...well, you need to check out the man's background. An absolute jazz colossus. This glorious toon, was penned in '63, around the time HH was asked to join Miles Davis, with whom he worked for five mutually beneficial years. My reading suggests to me that the fusion element on display, revolves around hard bop, soul and experimental post-modal jazz. Much of the genrefication around music, leaves me at the starting gate, so let's just say, this extraordinary piece is heavy on funky piano and mind-blowing trumpet...a genuine aural joy. I thought it a tad Brubeckish, but what the heck do I know.

A lil' Oscar thang. In my Dad's collection, was an album called Sweet and Easy, featuring some great old standards, given the OP Trio treatment. For some reason, his revved up version of Chattanooga Choo-Choo, always caught my attention. Many years later, after my Dad had passed on to the Great Jazz Club in the Sky, the house had been cleared out and with it...yep, that album. I of course, had earmarked it as a memento and was suitably crestfallen. I decided to embark on a search of t'internet for a copy and bloody difficult as it was then, an ebayer I will be in debt to forever, was selling one, in excellent nick. I cried. You do, dontcha? Prize possession on my vinyl shelf that album is, too. Sigh.

Anywhichway, chums. Give this a spin, for yer old Jammer here. Might I suggest a later hour, feet elevated, smoky malt, or other tasty beverage in hand and a wistful thought or two, meandering through the ol' corridors of the mind. Herbie Hancock, eh? Whoda' thunk it? Probably many of you. Maybe I'm just a whiff, slow. much more glorious little time...

1963 - Blue Note
Posted: 12th June 2019
B.L. Zeebub
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