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Hunter and theHunted...
by Simple Minds
It could be said that the measure of a song, is how it affects you and where it takes you. Well, that’s what I’m saying, anyway.
For standard ‘vagaries of the mind’ reasons, this song kept dropping into my head for the last several weeks. I’m not complaining. I did find myself complaining t’other day, when ‘Figaro’ by Brotherhood of Man was an earworm. What the actual fark would induce my tortured mind to come up with that utter, utter bollocks. Marquis de Song syndrome…’it is always by way of pain, one arrives at pleasure’...
Anywhich, let me state that I believe this Simple Minds killer, to be one of, if not arguably, their finest of toons, from their finest album. How does it affect me? Goosebumps EVERY time...the lyrics (genius...look ‘em up) the instrumentation, the arrangement, the vocal...Kerr at his peak. Where does it take me? Right back to those rather splendidly misunderstood (also by yours truly, at times) 80s. Ok, I’ll admit it. Some 80s stuff makes me barf. However, as I age disgracefully, I am less motivated to diss musical eras. Yes, I’d like to have written The Birdie Song, for sheer profit...yes, I’d like to kill the bastard that did...slowly...yes, I’d have had the decency to kill myself after introducing it to an unsuspecting world, but at least my estate would be a tad healthier...and yes, I pass that on as your new earworm...Marquis de Song…’it is alwa...aye, aye, you get the picture…
I did, I did...I lurved the 80s. Personally, I needed the breather from Prog (there, I said it) even if only to arrive at a different style of female companionship. Few other decades had blokes more concerned with their eyeliner, than the female of the species. We still had a bit of punk and disco (essential, for so many reasons) and then...The Cure, Teardrop Explodes, Echo & Those Bunnytypes...list yer own faves...and of course U2 and Simple Minds, at their very finest. Of course there was crap. Every flippin’ decade has it. I’ll readily admit, my fave decade (70s) had some sounds that make me wish I’d been a hedgehog, but the good always outweighs the bad...always...except today, when music is just, no, kidding...old person talk.
I’m wittering. Haven’t forgotten that there appears to be a #Prog theme on here this week and thanks to @Screaming LordButch and @KFarrND for hailing the old fella from the cave. DC, Kev, you boys are so luvverly, you must have some Scottish ancestry. However, I needed to get this Minds Magnificence out there, as it’s never heard enough.
Oh and if anyone’s wondering (yes, you in the corner with the 1975 NME, good condition, slight yellowing of page edges, any sensible offer considered) probably my all-time faveroonie Prog track is…’Supper’s Ready’ by the Genesis Brothers...good for this week, only...well, until Saturday, around 2.35ish…
Time for bed, said Zebedee...

Posted: 27th July 2018
B.L. Zeebub
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