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Believe me, it's as much a surprise to your highly irregular JukeboxJamsta' correspondent, as it is to your very fine selves, that I should find myself posting another toon so swiftly after the last effort. I blame the voices. The voices blame the meds. We all debate the problem and in the final analysis, I'm utterly none the wiser.
When I'm not imbibing the finest Specialty coffee beanz (which I've just done, hence my new found ability to type coherently) I lurve surfing around Satanville (t'interweb) and discovering lil' radio stations, churning out sounds familiar and an equal number less so. At some point last week, on Radio Whatchamacallit, this number bent my ears in a 'who the heck is that' manner. Regular subscribers to my wordy rappinghood, may just recall my penchant for the late 60s/early-mid 70s musical period, so this wee rough and ready, very 70s toon, floats my crumbling boat perfectly. Nope, I've never heard it before and the it's no more blues than a non-bluesy thang, but it evokes in me, a certain misty-eyed nostalgic trip to my wee laddie days, when all things were just more certain and determinedly simple. Sigh. Anyhoo, these chappies did little else of any consequence, so here ya' have a bona fide one-hit hoopla. #4 in the US chart of 1970. It's also notable for an excellent geetar break at the end, which in true 3 and a bit minute 70s singles world, is decapitated, just as it gets going. For completists (yes, yes, you at the bar, drinking a pint of Bloody Mary shandy...alone) there is an actual video of the group performing here but the sound is so crappy, I selected a boring vid, albeit with an excellent hippyship image. Further, if you stare at the picture long enough, whilst clicking your heels and saying 'there's no place like home', you will attain a trance-like state and find the forbidden fruit of astral projection...either that or be kicked out the front door straight on yer arse, by your partner. I should put a disclaimer in there, shouldn't I?
Anyway, my jolly tars, enjoy this trip down memory boulevard...I'll meet you at your fave teenage drinking den, where we can have a babycham or seven and swap tales from those byegone days, until we spill tears for our much missed yoof...
Posted: 22nd May 2018
B.L. Zeebub
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