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In Earnest
by The Tangent
The office I worked in when I was 20, had a Chief Clerk. Peter Smith sat at his desk, as you walked past a pretty, but terminally dim-witted lassie called Julie, on reception. Pedro was never late, that I can recall. I’m sure he went home, but I can’t confirm it as fact. He wore a number of different shirts (not all on the same day) with unfeasibly excessive amounts of material around the sleeves. They almost always smelt of sweat. Underarm hygiene, was not Peter’s strong suit. My desk companion and I, composed a shirt guide. I still have it somewhere. Very comprehensive it is, too. Each shirt was given a name and documented on its’ number of outings. We actually did some work at times, too. Anyhoo, whenever anyone came in late (ie. post-9am) they had to announce to Pedro, the reason for their tardiness. Mine was invariably the late arrival of the 8.23 inner circle train at my local station (shades of Reggie Perrin). I found it increasingly hard to keep a straight face, when reporting my crime. After all, I was long enough out of skool uniform, not to have to deal with this shit. Were this today, I’d either walk past, possibly apologize, or just hook him. I wouldn't last long in that kinda' job in 2018, would I?
Why am I telling you this? I felt it would be only right and proper, to explain to my Followers out there (yes, you two hiding at the back of my favourite coffee shop, with a Starbucks bucket of seasonal chai latte each) the reason for my lack of Jamming, since whenever the last one was and generally my absence over this year...not that it's any of your business, but I am polite, if little else.
I've been building a house. Well, I've had qualified people doing it, that lurve that stuff. I've had some input, mainly dosh...rather more than I had anticipated, despite watching back episodes of Grand Designs. But mainly, it's been stress...then a tad more and as I near the finishing line. It's a luvverly thang, don't get me wrong. However, those of you thinking about it...don't...I beg of you. Certainly not at my, 27. I'm sure the whole experience will assist me in producing the odd house-related Jam some way down the line, but for now, I just want to lie in the old cave and...sob, probably.
Anyhoo, one or two of you fine Jukebox denizens, do tug my forelock every now and then and if I respond in my time-honoured tardy fashion, I do as aye, apologize. The unique and forgiving nature of everyone I've encountered here (barring one idiot, from the old TIMJ daze) soothes my guilty soul. Cue irate Jammists, telling me to sling my hook. Whatever, I am indebted to Sir Ernst von Bilkshoffen @ErnieBilko and of course Lord Lancs of Bomberdierville @Bomberboy Thanks lads...I think I love you...
So, for this Jam, I'm weighing in with a Prog biggie... 20 plus minutes, so more than a mug of Tetleys and a rich tea biscuit. I found these folks on Twitter travels. You can conduct yer own research...I'm not some WikiPepe y'know...but this track covers all the bases that make Prog THE genre. Supreme musicianship, complex arrangements, lyrics that will definitely mean something and a pretty crappy, but somehow, eventually, rather listenable vocal...think Pye Hastings without the Canterbury whimsical excuse. Whatever, hunker down with your fave beverage (I recommend a Guatemalan Waykan on Aeropress/Chemex, from Colonna Roasters) and roll back the years to those glorious 70s when it was acceptable to stink like a wet dog, because you got caught in the rain, wearing yer best Afghan waistcoat.
Until next time, stay bright...
Posted: 27th November 2018
B.L. Zeebub
I love, not you, everyone else...
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