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Yours Is No Disgrace
by Yes
Guten Tag, or Bon Appetit as they say in Wales.
Amongst the Prog bands I didn't do, back in my teenage heyday, was Yes.
Why so, I hear no-one ask. Flippin' 'eckers like, there were plenty of my Alma Materists sporting 12" of their splendid vinyl around the concrete playground expanses and quieter corners of science labs, where conspiratorial talks of matters musical, were whispered, daily.
Me? I Floyded it and hence emerged Yes-less, throughout the 70s and when the 80s bells rang out, I just wasn't a Proggist any longer. Interestingly (to me) The Yes Brothers did catch my shell-like in 1983, with their Genesisish 'poprockanythingbutprog' endeavours (Owner of a Lonely Heart) though insufficiently to push me back in time for a sneaky peek.
Now that I am older, though distinctly unwiser, I get it...I really do.
This fine toon popped up on my timeline somewhere in TwittishFarcebarkInstagrimToobworld (all of which platforms I regularly hate passionately, before dipping my toe back in, to remind myself why I preferred 70s world in so many ways).
My vast research reveals this track has featured on Da Juke, on four occasions...all rather remarkably, in 2017, courtesy of other splendid types. So, I make no apology in dusting it down for the delectation of you two at the back, reading Melody Maker, because Nick Kent slagged off your fave Prog band in last week's edition of NME (been there, done that).
This ma' friends, is not only a stellar live performance, it is EVERYTHING that those pioneering 70s musical legends gifted us lucky, lucky boys and girls. It is EVERYTHING 1971.
So, get out the flares, platforms and tank tops, place the mop refill on top of your once lush, thatched bonce, line up 10 pints of Carling Black Label, press play and revel in 'The Band That Lil' Devil Forgot'. See ya' in the bus queue after the gig...remember, the last one's at 10 'cos it's a helluva walk home...
Posted: 30th April 2019
B.L. Zeebub
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