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Kids Just Wanna Dance
by The Fast
one of my wildest fantasies was to dance on American Bandstand. yeah, I know the kids on Soul Train were better dancers. NYC's the Fast released this smashing single in 1981. I turned 18 that year and had stopped thinking about dancing on AB. I was too cool for that shit by then.

Kids at the clubs
in rock-and-roll bands
the kids want to dance
on American Bandstand

The Fast was formed by the three Zone bros. (Miki Zone, Mandy Zone, and Paul Zone) and was an integral/influential part of the Max's Kansas City/CBGB scene alongside Blondie and the Ramones, with their blend of power pop and garage punk. As the New York punk rock scene was in its infancy, The Fast were a headline act at Max's Kansas City & CBGB in New York City.

Your rocking, rolling
from sea to shining sea

After The Fast, the brothers sang on several Hi-NRG and disco records for Bobby Orlando (records like Divine's "Native Love" and The Flirts' "Passion"). Soon after, they formed a new band, Man 2 Man.
Under this name the band scored their biggest hit, "Male Stripper".

1981 - Recca Records - United States
Posted: 14th August 2019
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