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Black Myself
by Our Native Daughters
I've immersed myself in this wonderful album consistently over the past couple of weeks. The band consists of Rhiannon Giddens, Allison Russell (from Birds of Chicago see:- https://www.godsjukebox.com/MikeLowe/birds-of-chicago-superlover/ ), Leyla McCalla and Amythyst Kiah, all tremendous, black American women, roots musicians in their own rite.

The album has brought them together to "shine new light on African-American women’s stories of struggle, resistance, and hope." At times it's a very moving album and it doesn't shy away from difficult subjects. But it's also a very inspiring, uplifting piece of work as well.

This song is written and sung by the mighty voiced Amythyst Kiah.

As another #BonusFeature here's a very powerful video of the band, recording one of Rhiannon's songs "Mama's Cryin' Long" from the album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7PvWw97Cq0&list=PLBy-7b62JuD1nS-pbqKH_9wKldmYyFohO&index=2&t=0s . The producer of the album is "Dirk Powell" who I also posted a track from a while back!!
2019 - Smithsonian Folkways
Posted: 22nd March 2019
I'm just here to make up the numbers - https://www.thisismyjam.com/mikelowe/posterwall
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