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Carnival Barker
by Vanessa Peters
Now here's a thing.....so just before Christmas I was diagnosed with prostate cancer!!! The better news is that they believe it's been caught early, it hasn't spread anywhere else and it's very treatable. In about a weeks time I'll be starting a short course of radiotherapy.
I've elected to take part in a medical research trial, that's looking at a new (to prostate cancer) radiotherapy treatment. It's already been used very successfully with other forms of cancers. The treatment will be just for five days, rather than the regular 4-6 weeks that some men have to endure. As it's a much shorter duration of treatment, I'll have more intensive radiotherapy in longer sessions over the five days. I'm not sure how this will affect me over the next few weeks, but it's highly likely I'll be taking a break from GJuke for a time. Ha ha, I haven't been around too much recently anyway, so you'll hardly notice I'm gone!!!
So I take some deep breaths and breathe in....and I breathe out. I remain positive, my prognosis is good and if I'm not around quite so much for a while you'll know why!!!
Anyway, here's a tune from an album I've been listening to a lot recently. I'm wondering who could possibly be the "carnival barker" she's singing about!!!! ?
2018 - From the "Foxhole Prayers" album
Posted: 10th March 2019
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