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"A Day At The Dreamies"
by The Legendary Pink Dots
Pink mountains bounce, excited
While volcano waits
Behind a wall of matted ginger-hair
And he's prepared
He tampers with his belt
He licks the wax off his mustache
Reaches for his etchings
Bats are watching, high above
From drafty rafters
Not as blind as they appear
While Churchill barks a strict command
To a box of toy commandos:
"Behave in class!"

The screen goes blank
Blank faces scream for action
'Cause they've paid to see the Dream Machine
The darkest corners of another soul
Where inhibitions are prohibited
A secret's always told

Where everyone's an artist
And all that's required
Is a pill and a pillow
Lay down, create...

Doctor finds a loose electrode
Throws it at his nurse
Who breathes seductive
Down a microphone:
"Stay seated
Service will resume in seconds
Here's some music while we find the fault
You caught us napping
Get it? Get it?"
No one laughs

But no one leaves as lights go down
And the screen turns orange
Lovers walking through a sunset
In a meadow
Picking apples
Love's young dream
On the Dream Machine

A Technicolor eavesdrop on a private land
Where wishes turn to promises
Dead men spring to life
Brighter, bigger, fearless
Fun for all the family
At the Dreamies

Who is playing Sleepy tonight?
1989 - Play It Again Sam Records - Belgium
Posted: 22nd August 2019
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