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Tuesday Noon
by Comp. Florent Ghys Perf. Bonjour
I find this a compelling and intriguing piece.

"Inspired by the group of string players involved in the Bang on a Can organization, Florent Ghys, a New York-based composer and bassist born in Bordeaux, France, decided to assemble a working ensemble to play his compositions, with a decided emphasis on low strings. This nimble quintet, Bonjour, performs a seven-piece suite of songs written to evoke particular times and days of the week. Their crisply precise performances, with all members adding mostly wordless vocal parts, bristle with thrilling hocketing techniques, particularly between the double basses of the leader and Eleonore Oppenheim, as the group essays the darkly melodic writing with a rock-like drive powered by the drumming of Owen Weaver. The guitars of James Moore and the cello of Ashley Bathgate trace contrapuntal action that alternates between exuberant and somber."
2013 - United States
Posted: 20th November 2016
Kenny McLeod
A celebration of the much maligned genre of modern classical and neo-classical music of the 20th century and beyond aka StillHonest1
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