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Shadows and Light
by Joni Mitchell
#Light Week

The last track on Joni's 7th album - initially critically panned, but now acknowledged as a masterpiece.

Here's what I wrote about it ...

"Pete told us about a party in Kemp Town – we didn’t know the hosts, so it was agreed that Eddie and I would go out there with Pete. So, on Saturday evening we made our way to Pete and Moyra’s place (a fantastic little flat, with a balcony overlooking Bedford Square just off the seafront). Pete suggested we “did a pipe” before leaving, “to get us in the mood”. I’d never smoked dope through a pipe before, but they showed me how to do it – it was actually a home-made hubble-bubble made out of a chemistry flask and some rubber tubing. Well, I’d smoked a fair bit of dope by now, but this was something else – I got absolutely ripped - really out of it. And I felt great – thought I was walking about 6” above the ground! We all got into Pete’s big old Rover and he said “Oh, I just got the latest Joni on tape” and started playing ‘Hissing of Summer Lawns’. I was aware of Joni Mitchell and had heard some of her earlier material – but wasn’t keen. But Hissing was an extraordinary album. As the last track played through (Shadows and Light) I was totally mesmerised, and tears were streaming down my cheeks at the sheer majesty of the track. (It’s still one of my favourite albums, and the track still moves me to tears, without the aid of dope!). "
1975 - Asylum - Canada
Posted: 7th December 2018
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