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Heywood Blues
by Eddie Heywood

The Dark Corner might not get mentioned very often in a list of "classic" films noir, but in my book it's better than some of those that do*. The dialogue crackles, the cinematography is great, and the soundtrack doesn't overwhelm with orchestral bombast. In fact, the music in the film is mostly sort of diegetic (presented as though it's naturally in the background, even if you can't see where the source of it is), but used in a mood-enhancing way. You almost don't notice it, but it's still effective. The soundtrack mostly avoids using the dramatic orchestral soundtrack that most films were still using at the time, and uses instrumental versions of the sort of songs that were popular at the time, like The More I See You and There Will Never Be Another You.

And there's a club scene with this guy, featuring this tune. Unfortunately I couldn't find any good clips of the club scene on Youtube, which is a shame because it has some of the best flirting dialogue in the whole film, and the characters actually discuss the music, which is fun. (there is a clip, but for some reason it cuts the best bit of the scene out and goes to the next scene which isn't nearly as good, so I'm not linking it).

This is another film I found complete on Youtube several times, so you can see it for yourself. #Noirvember

*In my opinion, The Maltese Falcon is not a great noir. It's boring and the plot is stupid. Double Indemnity is also quite over-rated. It does have some great one-liners but even they seem like a silly pastiche of hard-boiled fiction. I'm not wild about The Postman Always Rings Twice, either.
1946 - United States - used in the film The Dark Corner
Posted: 14th November 2019
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