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I Hadn't Anyone Till You
by Hadda Brooks


In A Lonely Place was made in 1950, about a Hollywood screenwriter, Dixon Steele, who hasn't had a hit since before the war. He's irascible and temperamental, prone to getting into fights and then apologising with extravagant gifts. Inevitably he ends up accused of a murder, with one of his old army buddies on the police taskforce, but his mysterious and comely new neighbour, Laurel Gray, provides the police with an alibi. Dix and Laurel fall in love, but the murder case hangs over them and threatens to destroy their happiness...

This particular scene has arguably one of the sexiest/romantic lines ever uttered onscreen in the history of cinema.

I posted a bit more about the director of the film, Nicholas Ray, over on my main account:
1950 - United States - from the film In A Lonely Place
Posted: 9th November 2019
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