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Miss Otis Regrets
by Monty Woolley

I was watching the Cole Porter biopic Night And Day last week and this came up, which reminded me that I haven't posted a version of Miss Otis Regrets yet, even though it's another of the most well known songs about murder to come out of the 20th century, like Mack The Knife a couple of weeks ago .

There's some debate about how and why Cole Porter came up with it in the first place, but most of the stories attribute his friend Monty Woolley with some form of contribution, and Porter was said to have declared Woolley's version to be the definitive one.... So here is Cole Porter's friend Monty Woolley playing himself, Cole Porter's friend Monty Woolley, on camera for the 1946 biopic which stars Cary Grant as Cole Porter.

You can read more about the song here:

1946 - United States
Posted: 21st October 2019
Anna (who also posts as @mondoagogo)
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