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Blue Gardenia
by Nat King Cole / Anne Baxter and Raymond Burr

So I'm literally *right in the middle* of watching this one and I've come to post this scene for Tiki Tuesday because it turns out the titular Blue Gardenia is a tiki bar! And there's this scene where they drink Polynesian Pearl Divers, discuss a Mermaid's Downfall and the strength of tiki drinks and then Nat King Cole comes along to sing a lovely ballad (apparently the violinist whose arm you see next to Nat King Cole was Papa John Creach, who some of you might know if you're into 60s/70s rock).

I haven't even got to the crime part yet, but I love this little scene. Anne Baxter is quite delightful as a drunk; she loses some of that over-precise enunciation she always has (that I sometimes find a bit annoying unless the role calls for it, like in All About Eve or The Magnificent Ambersons...) Fun fact I just discovered: Anne Baxter's grandfather was Frank Lloyd Wright, which makes her the second film noir connection to him that I've posted about this month (the other was Nicholas Ray who studied with him).

Now I'm off to watch the rest of the film...
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1953 - United States - from the film The Blue Gardenia
Posted: 19th November 2019
Anna (who also posts as @mondoagogo)
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