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I went to an exhibition about rave culture at the Saatchi Gallery yesterday, which was a lot better than I expected, although it was a bit sporadic about providing context or continuity, or even that much music. There *was* music in places, but mostly it was the tinny doof doof background sound you'd hear spilling out of someone's headphones, except for one room with DJs which was ear-splittingly loud. I was really hoping for some kind of musical exploration/history -- even if it was just a list or two of which tracks had been big at which raves or something. They did have some screens hooked up to Spotify but that was useless because I found Simon & Garfunkel listed under Happy Hardcore, which is pretty hilarious!

In one room I was standing near a young couple who looked like they were in their late teens and the guy was telling the girl that he'd gone to see The Orb last year, so I said as I passed that when I saw them in their heyday I'd been his age. Which must have made me sound so o-l-d... Anyway we got to chatting a bit about 90s techno/ambient/big beat etc and he said he'd been born in 1996 so we got onto music from that year and he turned out to be a huge Chemical Brothers fan (he even knew their early incarnation as the Dust Brothers). I mentioned that I saw them supporting Underworld and that they were SO LOUD that I had to stand outside the auditorium. He was surprised that they were supporting Underworld and not the other way around and then we got onto to talking about Underworld and then I remembered that I always meant to post this and still hadn't got around to it... so here it is. Ride the sainted rhythms...

In another room there were some pics taken at one of the 1994 demos against the Criminal Justice Bill (there were a few demos, I went to one that turned into a full party of people raving in the fountains in Trafalgar Square and having water fights in the heat and I went home soaked, and one in Hyde Park where a friend of mine got clobbered with a truncheon by a policeman on a horse for trying to exit the park and it turned into a pitched battle with riot police, which I avoided simply by walking across the park and using another exit...) I couldn't find myself or anyone I knew in any of the photos, but to my surprise I did spot David Thewlis! His toothy smile was unmistakable. And who was it on here who was asking for a bouncy castle recently? Because they had one in the exhibition. The really sad thing was no one was allowed to jump on it. Is there anything sadder than a bouncy castle no one is allowed to jump on?
1994 - Junior Boy's Own - United Kingdom - and we all went mental - and danced
Posted: 13th September 2019
Anna (who also posts as @mondoagogo)
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