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Written by Irving Gordon The most popular version was recorded by Nat King Cole with arrangements by Nelson Riddle and released as a single and from the album of the same name. It was re-recorded in a non orchestral fashion in 1952 and again in Stereo for the Nat King Cole Story LP I can’t see any chart information for the original or any subsequent single releases

in 1991 Natalie Cole included the song on her album Unforgettable... with Love and remixed it into a virtual duet with father Nat. When released as a single It had a lot of success #14 in the Us #19 in the UK and #1 in The Canadian Adult Chart plus additional chart successes across the globe.

My Mum’s favourite song became Harry Nilsson’s (Badfinger’s) Without You during the period when my father was suffering from Alzheimers and I posted in here there’s a lot of detail about her relationship with my father In addition this account posted it for April Musical Challenge

So ... I think I had posted somewhere that my Mum after a fall and period in hospital was advised that she had contracted Leukaemia and at the age of 93 had decided not to take any medication, that was back in July.

Anyway things went a bit like a rollercoaster and we had several warnings from the medical profession that the end was nigh but no, she kept finding ways. Then last week she moreorless fell into a deep sleep and it was painful to see. My brother and I in a strange quirk of human nature, I guess, wanted her to live, but not like that. We duly let process take its course..

At this point I should add that My Mum was on Full NHS Continuing Care which meant a visit from a Nurse every day and had a full time live in carer at home which she moved back to in the middle of August. She never got out of bed though from the July fall. For the last month or so she had a carer who was so diligent, caring and befriended by mum (and the family) so a big than you to Kathy (and I have let her boss know) but on Monday 7/10/2019 she passed away and it was a release . She is now at Peace


So I have been thinking what song to celebrate her life.. I’ve done Without You x2 and whilst appropriate I need to find something different. She was keen on Sinatra as I’ve said but I though no... because of something happened in 1979...

My mums musical journey was much wider than my Dad whom I don’t recall ever getting excited about music mum however had loads of songs she’d like and loads of lyrics she’d recall which were just perfect as a way of either supporting what you had done off indeed telling you off

Her musical routes were definitely in the 50s but she loved Glen Miller and I understand her and Dad would have went to local dances where they “boogied On” There was an American Airforce base in the village and there were American bands playing after WW2 had finished

I always recall we had a radio on for years she had a bacolite radio and it was on the Light Programme so we had Whatever was on at the weekend it was Children's with Tony Blackburn et al. 2 and 3 way family favourites on Sunday.. then Round The Horn The Clitheroe Kid and Sing Something Simple (as an example of the content). We didn’t have a record player. Although a relation of hers gave us an original wind up gramophone with lots of 78s... we didn’t know what to do with them.. would have made a mint...

She quite liked the Beatles but she tolerated the popular music of the 1960s rather than embrace it. Then, when Winston Churchill passed away the BBC entered into a phase of playing a few days of complete dirge music and She got fed up with that dialling around we found the radio was full of it .. all the same.. other than Radio London and they were playing pop music so we stuck with them before returning to Radio 1 when launched 2 years later.

At this point she truly started to lose interest as it became “the worst Noise I ever heard” (a generational thing I guess) IN 1972 she brought me a Pye “Blue Box” which ruined most of my purchases over time but I guess she maybe regretted that, my Dad certainly did. They both were quite prepared to buy me singles if they went anywhere together (so long as I gave them a list, of course) In acknowledgement I brought a few LPs for artists she liked, Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Nat King Cole and Songs from the Shows. Though to be fair they weren’t played a lot

In 1979 I had got onto a hi-fi ladder. I don’t recall Mum asking me to turn it down a lot but she might well have done but 1 day I decided to “try” and let her hear some of her favourites on My HI-Fi.. and impress.. I still recall the words “It doesn’t sound Like Nat King Cole...” she had been mostly used to him on AM radio...

We got her a Cassette machine and did some mix-tapes for her then latterly a CD player though she couldn’t see the controls .. even with a HUGE Orange sticker on the start button.

She still listened to music on TV though she particularly liked the New year Concert from Vienna and would catch the Last Night of The Proms plus whenever there was a “Show” she’d be keen to catch that.

So she has passed... RIP Iris Eva Lancaster And as a memory to her on the Jukebox I’m going to Choose this...the words are very applicable I won’t forget.. . its a favourite Artist of my mum

Even though iT WON”T sound like him....

1951 - United States - Single Release and on the album Unforgettable
Posted: 10th October 2019
Paul Lancaster
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