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Riff Raff
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Another small review of Live Albums in my collection.. This AC/DC live album was the only one they released with Bon Scott as Lead vocalist and was their 6th album in total. The concert was recorded for the “Powerage” tour and recorded (as was the Status Quo album of a few postings ago) at the Apollo Theatre Glasgow

The Album is unusually for a Live release a single album but it was 52 minutes long which is pushing the boundary of what constitutes decent end of side sound quality. 2 tracks from the concert playlist was cut from the final production and another one edited to remove an elongated Angus Young Solo! There are some cryptic comments about Glasgow in the inter-tune ban but Its not clear whether there were any other venues used or indeed whether there was any overdubbing done.

The chosen song is one of my favourite concert intro songs full of energy and the band are on it.

The concert was filmed in its entirety but has never been formally released, although it was broadcast in Holland shortly after the album was released. Some footage has appeared here and there this track was one of 2 that appeared on the DVD Family Jewels

As a side issue I saw the band Locally about this time but whether It was the tour that ultimately saw the release of this album I can’t say. I can say that during the concert Bon Scott with Angus Young on his back with guitar came down the middle of the crowd as it opened up I was standing near and Angus with feet flailing just clipped my head and I feel sure that a mate got a Drumstick too
1978 - Australia - From The Album If You Want Blood You've Got it (footage from Family Jewels DVD)
Posted: 9th May 2019
Paul Lancaster
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