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There is a fair bit of Reggae posted on the Jukebox and I generally don’t get it.. sorry guys!! its a hard sell for me Though I can appreciate that its popular, for me its an acquired taste I can’t truthfully say I have a style of reggae that I prefer, or don’t, (and given that we can’t ALL “like” the same things)

I think I heard Black Uhuru on the Peel programme and it was this track that I first became genuinely interested in.. my best mate finds reggae even more difficult but even he liked this (and he found Peel very very difficult) but he BROUGHT the LP Sinsemilla and it might have been a bit of a passing fad for him but we played it lots... and he sold it on to me but off it went with the mass disposal of my record collection

I acquired the LP on Spotify and for me this is the highlight track I guess if I had to choose a band or artist I’d Say Toots and The Maytalls or Sly and Robbie.. and sure enough who produces this (and plays on it too)

The album was the bands 3rd Studio

Michael Rose - lead vocals
Derrick "Duckie" Simpson - harmony vocals
Puma Jones - harmony vocals
Robbie Shakespeare - bass
Sly Dunbar - drums, percussion
Ansel Collins - piano, organ
Jimmy Becker - harmonica
Radcliffe "Dougie" Bryan - guitar
Bertram "Ranchie" McLean - guitar
Uziah "Sticky" Thompson - percussion

This track is occasionally Referred to as “The Stalk of Sinsemilla”

As a final note to this.. let me say that I do enjoy some Reggae and have some in my collection.. just not a preferred musical “genre” or that I have a lot... mostly its the odd track here or there
1980 - Jamaica - From The Album Sinsemilla
Posted: 16th May 2019
Paul Lancaster
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