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You maybe aware of my love for most things Norwich City and having gotten excited about getting promotion we only went an won on Sunday which guaranteed us as Champions which means we get a cup and the players get medals more kudos etc etc..

The club held a civic reception in the City yesterday morning (kicking off at 9am!) followed by an open top parade and finished with a charity/final game for a couple of team stalwarts who had left the organisation and featured a few players who had performed for the team over the years and taken part in past glories and failures... Much fun was had the final score 7-4 with the winning team even triumphing with 12 men against them.. it didn’t matter and 20000 fans turned out to see the game and the current heroes (most with a real hangover...) completing a lap of honour

There are a number of videos “out there” with potted reviews of thr season set to music.. I did post one a few days ago.. but I’m gonna spare you that

Probably along with many teams Norwich have adopted The third single from Depeche Mode’s #debuts LP as some sort of success music.. whether of not its the reason for this years unexpected championship win I don’t know but suspect not...

Anyway to draw a line under football

The song was a reasonable hit it reached #8 in the UK and #4 in Australia it didn’t make the Billboard hot 100 but made #20 in the Hot Dance Tracks chart and top 20 success in a number of other countries
Written by Vince Clarke who has an ear for a pop song and must be rubbing his hands with glee taking into account the number of times its been played (a clip only, obviously) this season

Video noteworthy for a guest appearance on drums...
1981 - United Kingdom - From The Album Speak & Sell and single release
Posted: 7th May 2019
Paul Lancaster
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