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Dirt (Live)
by Iggy & The Stooges

Are live albums on the wane? Possibly not although there is something compelling about seeing the band play live and even watching the band play live on video.. and listening to a live album may or may not give you that same buzz.. I guess it might depend on the sound quality of the video. A lot of “recorded on my mobile” videos uploaded are pretty awful and even keeping the phone steady is a challenge, especially if you are near a mosh pit

I don’t see the same number of Live albums in the various places I pick new material up from these days, and on U-tube whats the point of uploading a live video of the album sleeve .. like this... well of course this one is uploaded by a Third Party who provides Albums for U-tube.. many of which over the years have been removed by the copyright police.. although these days they seem to hang around for a long while and maybe a feature.

I hunted around a lot not very comprehensively, though, for a video of Iggy & The Stooges in Japan but couldn’t find it.

According to Wiki this album was recorded with the reformed Stooges excluding James Williamson and primarily featured material the first 2 LPs it did nor include any of the material from The Williamson era. It was recorded on the last date of their first ever tour of Japan in Tokyo

The Stooges

Iggy Pop - vocals
Ron Asheton - electric guitar
Scott Asheton - drums
Mike Watt - bass guitar
Steve Mackay - saxophone

I’m not sure why or where I picked up on this and its probably not considered the best live album at all but I really like the sound of it with the saxophone as a bonus. Allmusic, though, agree with me they gave it 4/5 and claim it to be one of the best sonic experiences of a stooges live album ever and the user reviews agree with 4/5 Rate your Music give it 3.2/5

Telluric is "of the earth as a planet"
2005 - United States - From The Album Telluric Chaos
Posted: 14th May 2019
Paul Lancaster
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