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Opportunities (lets Make Lots of Money) (Full length original Extended Dance Mix)
by Pet Shop Boys
Back in 1999 when I was going out with my current wife it was a bit of a long distance love affair not VERY long but we were 120+ miles apart which meant her driving up to Norfolk for the weekend and me riding my motorbike (or catching the train) down to Sussex.

At Easter in 1999 I began a fairly fateful trip on the bike I recall it was cloudy not cold but I wrapped up well. As I left my house it began to spit with rain. I didn’t hurry I needed to ‘warm up” but as I left the City heading towards a roundabout i remember closing the throttle and dabbing the brakes as the surface wasn’t wet (nor was it dry) but the front wheel skidded on something and before I knew it I had hit the deck.

The bike apparently skidded several yards on its side and had a gentle coming together with a bumper of a car (no damage that was reported to me, anyway) I wasn’t in a good way I had knocked my self out and it hurt LOTS especially my back. When I awoke I was being scraped into an ambulance.

A few hours in A&E some x’ rays Some more hours laying on what seemed like a slab on concrete and the eventually transferred me to a ward Where, because i eventually fell asleep I missed breakfast and lunch.

I had broken some vertebrae in my upper back and it hurt and was woozy and dizzy. The specialist said the bones would repair slowly and there was nothing they could do about it.. It would take time.

That back STILL causes me some gip it itches at times, sometimes it's sore and sometimes right painful

Anyway Mid morning my girlfriend appeared having picked my mum up en route from Sussex and I knew she was a keeper!

She was also a keen fan of the Pet Shop Boys who i knew from West End Girls and a few singles but couldn’t say I was a fan. She had all the LPs (mostly on Cassette) and I became quite keen on them

This song was originally the bands 3rd single and was a very minor hit reaching #116 in the UK. After a re-recording of West End Girls hit #1 and after “Love Cones Quickly” was released it was remixed and re-released hitting #11 in the Uk and #10 in the Billboard Hot 100. According to the uploader this is an original extended dance mix from 1985 but there are many remixes. The discography doesn’t mention this one at all.. so who knows.

Anyway, a month ago I was partaking in a end of year rounders competition between the year 6 pupils and parents I went for a big heave and missed the ball. Realising it didn’t mean I was out I set off for the 1st base but stood on the hoop that was used as the batters box and buggered over landing on my side and back. Initially winded and in a bit of pain I got a bruise on my side and seem to have battered the vertebrae, again because it seems like i’ve got an ongoing pain deep in my shoulder/upper back. You can only take so many painkillers..


and #bracketweek too
United Kingdom - Originally Single Only release but re-recorded in 1986 and from the Album Please
Posted: 21st August 2019
Paul Lancaster
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