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Big Fat Mama (live)
by Status Quo
Wild? Moi?

I don’t recall ever really being wild.. Ok I rode a motorbike but that wasn’t in the best (worst) rocker or hells angel tradition. I tended to be too polite never wanted to upset anyone (maybe except my parents) tried to be a negotiator keep the peace...

In 1977/8 I found punk and even that wasn’t wild Musically maybe but not really otherwise.. When I went to gigs I also stayed away from the mosh pits and the groovers.. Then Status Quo announced a tour in 1976 and me and my mates got tickets to see them in Ipswich at the Gaumont which was the biggest regular gig provider for 40 miles or so at the time.. the tour was supposed to provide some material for an upcoming live album

We had a nucleus of 6 or 7 of mates who used to go to gigs together so often we had to split transport (except once the 7 + 2 others got to the City (about 20 miles away) in a Ford Cortina 1300. I got a motorbike when I was 18 and two mates followed a year later mine was a little 125 there’s a 175 and 250 but the difference was mine was a Honda and they had CZs.. The guy with the 250 had to run his in at 30 mph... so we travelled all the way to Ipswich at 30 - and of course home. The weather was thankfully fine so off we went allowing PLENTY of time.

When we got to Ipswich we parked up and went looking for the venue travelling to gigs/discos etc on a bike is OK but you need somewhere to put the paraphernalia .. wet legs, Helmet, gloves Jacket I don’t recall having a top box or pannier bags I might not have taken wet legs because the weather was destined to be fine. There was a helmet lock on the bike though not much security I might have stuffed the gloves in the Helmet .. even less secure..

Anyway I had a Status Quo Vest (and that was really wild..)

The support band were The Pretty Things now I really don’t recall much about them at all they didn’t mean much at the time probably now I’d have appreciated them more but like a lot of gig goers I wanted the main event .. my attitudes have changed a lot but its still much to prevalent...

Funnily enough I don’t recall too much about the gig either (no alcohol, I was driving) other than the fact we boogied and boogied for about 90 minutes.. too much grooving not enough listening but then it was all about enjoying yourself and within the restrictions of an all seater venue being as wild as you can

The event was rather sweaty and although it was late summer the cool air of 11pm and a 90+ minute ride home at 30mph meant that I remember shivering.. luckily all the necessary stuff was still around..

Should play “wild thing” but Quo don’t do that

The song was originally on the Piledriver album the bands 5th studio album released in 1972 and probably the first “boogie” album.. int the main.. The song is of course magnificently un-PC for which I stick my hands up


And an opportunity to have a quick #livealbums reflection. None of the songs from the Ipswich gig or indeed anything other than the 3 gig set at the Glasgow Apollo were included in the album. The band listened to the 3 nights and in the end it is said that they chose only the first night and Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt from the band mixed it. The track order had to be adapted for a double LP but in 2005 reissued on CD it reverted to the gig order.

Francis Rossi hated it but Rick Parfitt didn’t agree

Listening to the songs again, in the main they don’t sound *too* different to the studio versions and the band are very accomplished*** There are some extended work-outs of a couple of numbers including some “jig and reeling” In 45 Hundred times, already a lengthy 9+ minutes they extend it to 16+ and it is said they just jammed along finishing the song with an agreed nod

There was NO Overdubbing.. here’s an interesting article which gives some insight into why Francis Rossi dislikes it so much

The video is an interesting montage of the band live

EDITED *** actually re-listening to this track I detect some of the bum notes and mistakes Francis Rossi mentions.. and one of the reasons that many live albums don’t represent the live performance*** not that it matters of course in real terms
1977 - United Kingdom - In this instance from the Album Live!
Posted: 25th April 2019
Paul Lancaster
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