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Vambo (LIve)
by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Another in a small potted history of my (ex) Live LP Collection

The album was the 5th released by the band and sort of showcased the live performance of the band without seeing Alex.. which live was a major part of the appeal. This one would have been marvellous as a DVD or in those days VHS cassette.

Not that the record is a poor one, not at all, it contains the classic hit sing Delilah (a cover of Tom Jones if you didn’t already know that) and the best version of Tomahawk Kid (posted by Bomberboy, but the link is broken)

The LP was recorded at The Hammersmith Odeon on 24th May 1975 .. perhaps I should have left this until Friday then..

The band really is on fire and Zal Clementson waves the axe around like a man possessed.. but what is Alex doing? Much to My regret I never saw then live..

No record on Wiki about overdubbing or fixing..

Alex Harvey – lead vocals, guitar
Zal Cleminson – guitar
Chris Glen – bass guitar
Hugh McKenna – keyboards, synthesizer
Ted McKenna – drums

Its a 9 minute Opus

The band don’t seem too keen on their music being uploaded on U-tube I’m not sure how long this last on here this was uploaded in 2016 and is in HD there is some hope, then

Vambo rules
1975 - United Kingdom - From The Album Live
Posted: 21st May 2019
Paul Lancaster
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