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Don’t Wait Til Tomorrow
by Yonaka
The question of what is considered “Value For Money” in gigs is something that i’m interested in. Obviously bigger more popular bands are going to be more expensive to see which is fair enough but sometimes the disconnect between the cost of tickets and what you get out of the gig is too much

There are a number of issues. One of the cheapest venues in the city to watch bands is The Waterfront Studio which has a capacity of 200 people, the sound quality is good and you can get up close and personal to the band. The ticket prices are about £10 (+ booking fee) so the most money to be made out of this if full is £2000 for ticket sales alone. I don’t think i’ve ever seen it at full capacity. A member of staff told me that the band(s) sometimes 3! get a cut of the takings and that depends on a package based on sales of drinks. No wonder bands are desperate to sell “merch”

A more popular band might require some additional security and judging about what I read have some, often, quite bizarre culinary and drinking requirements for post and pre gig. Much of which will need to be factored in Bigger venues more people but possible more sound equipment. Obviously there is a need to pay staff “on the door” “at the bar” and the security guys too Plus any fees for staff to help with sound/lighting and equipment hire if applicable.

At the top end the prices are really ridiculous Take That played 2 nights in the Football Stadium at over £100 per ticket. The most expensive gig I think i’ve been to was Steely Dan in (probably) 1997 or thereabouts, got a crap seat the sound quality was rubbish and the band didn’t inspire at all. In the NEC at Birmingham.

So, therefore to Yonaka who were supported by The Ninth Wave and tiLLee. It cost £10 + £1 booking fee + £1 charitable donations It was at the Arts Centre a converted church with a capacity of 260 and it was sold out! For more details I have seen Slow Readers Club, The Big Moon and Starcrawler recently Outside of the dance floor area there is a balcony next to the entrance and the sound and light system which is where I prefer to stand assuming that the space isn’t needed for wheelchairs etc (so far it hasn’t totally)

A quick not about the support bands tiLLee has intrigued me since i heard the single Save Yourself and I posted a version on the jukebox noting that this live Ring Road rendition was better than the single. I was I guess a bit surprised she was supported only by a drummer and played some guitar with most of the instrumentation being provided by a Mac providing bass and other noises. She started off with Save yourself which was fine and then went through her repertoire in a bubbly infectious way and with a huge dose of pottymouth shooting several salvoes off about her ex-boyfriend. Entertaining for sure and a good warm up and she got the audience (about 2/3rd full at this stage) to sing her rendition of “Girls Just Wanna to have fun” She has a new EP out and its on Spotify

I wasn’t expecting 3 bands so was surprised to find The Ninth Wave on stage next, and pleasantly so I did a potted review of them with this post yesterday @Wilksy saw the band a couple of years ago and was impressed (that link is broken, though) They certainly have the 80s at heart & the audience, about 80% full, mostly lapped it up and they mostly impressed me They have a new LP available on pre-order for November (though 50% of it is now available to download, and is being marketed as an EP) You guys don’t seem to carry my enthusiasm 7 likes out of 13 plays... (right now) oh well!!

So to Yonaka, they have at least twice in Norwich and impressed some of my friends a lot but this was the first time I’d seen them. Tne band from Brighton are singer Theresa Jarvis, guitarist George Edwards, bassist Alex Crosby and drummer Robert Mason and were formed in 2015. To Quote the Guardian "they make a shiny, armoured pop with metallic, QOTSA-style riffs, hip-hop rhythms and grimy UK attitude” and with BIG chorus and Hooks.. my words..

The bounce on stage one at a time In general terms you don’t really notice the rhythm section at all.. but they are always keeping the sound together The venue is packed right now and the band come right out with Bad Company at this stage Guitarist George Edwards decides to remove his shirt he is wielding a Gibson SG and he looks a bit like a tall Angus Young from AC/DC.

The main focus of the band though is Singer Theresa Jarvis who leaps about the stage hasa terrific vocal range (within the context of their songs) and has an amazing rapport with the audience. The band bounce through their set the songs flow over you (in a great way) the punters are bouncing away the “mosh-pit” is several rows deep and the band feed off it.

According to the bands Facebook page Theresa is nursing a sick voice because of the punishing tour schedule they did London on the 31st May Cambridge on the 3rd June this one on the 4th and were playing Leeds next.. as a result the Track “Our Own Worst Enemy” wasn’t performed but to be honest you wouldn’t have really noticed. Many of the songs relate to her personal experiences this one is about a friend who was having loneliness problems “I will always pick up my phone” The “as live” video finds Theresa operating at about 50 -75%

The band introduce a lot of their LP which is only natural a review of tan earlier gig from the Waterfront included a lot of songs not touched on in this performance.

Unlike some gigs they barely slow down except during the track “Guilty" which is done acoustically with her and guitarist George and its stunning even allowing for a sick voice. The audience were all but completely quiet too, which received an appreciative quip from Theresa..

After that another amazing event was during "Teach Me To fight" Theresa called out for the audience to crouch down which 95% of the dance floor did as the song reached a quiet moment then when the “noise” returned “now bounce” and sure enough the crowd did big time. Never seen anythng quite like that, personally. Finally during “Rockstarz” George climbs down and plays guitar in the audience.. rock stars eh?

The band are on stage about 45 minutes finishing with a real crowd pleaser Fired up and the fans certainly were, as was I There was no encore as befits most bands these days The time passed quickly I never felt disinterested by any of the tracks or did I feel the need to “have a quick check on the audience” though it was primarily male I’d guess and few over 40

A few notes.. Unlike in this version your’e never really aware of the guitar although its there it doesn’t necessarily sound like a guitar: foot pedals I guess. Theresa is a star in the making a real front person with attitude and tremendous rapport. The band are tight (as I said you often don’t pay them any attention)

I would certainly give this gig 9/10 and urge you to take them in if you see they’re coming to your neck of the woods but they are now getting to a point where £10 isn’t going to be the going rate but in value for money terms this gig goes off the scale

to quote “I took a picture...”


Bad Company
Lose Our Heads
Death by Love
Teach Me To Fight
Fucking With the Boss
Fired Up

2019 - United Kingdom - From The Album Don't Wait Til Tomorrow
Posted: 6th June 2019
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