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On The Sea
by Beach House
The beaches on the Outer Hebrides are outstanding and you frequently have them all to yourself but I already knew this from our last visit in 1998. It can get very cold very quickly but still remains visually beautiful. Luskintyre beach on Harris is very famous and was one of the places we stayed in 1998, not knowing of it's fame at the time.
This time we were based on Uist and explored the many white sandy beaches of the area. The photo is from one of South Uist beaches. In fact it was Berneray (West Beach). The sea was turquoise, crystal clear and freezing cold, as was the wind. During our visit there was no one in sight and the white sand stretched out as far as we could see.

I shall add more later when I get chance as I'm pretty tired right now but I got this far so posting :)

I recommend spending time hopping islands, driving around and finding some secluded beaches which are a plenty. Here is a good page to read - it truly is spectacular. If you are tempted to make the journey you absolutely must take warm waterproof clothes and expect changeable weather even in the height of summer. Nothing quite like it that I've ever experienced but not easy living. We had gales and cold spells but still loved it.

I'm doing a week on my beloved Skye later (when finished my Uist posts) if you are interested.

Posted: 16th August 2019
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