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Something Like You
by Michael Head & The Strands
I'm pretty sure I've jammed this sublime track on here before but can't seem to find it, maybe it was TIMJ maybe I dreamt it....

Ah well, here it is anyway and a big thank you to those who reminded and inspired me to go back and play all of my Michael Head/Shack/Pale Fountains/The Red Elastic Band/Strands albums.

My penultimate track on #TIMJ was Thank You by The Pale Fountains and I've loved pretty much everything the talented Michael Head has been involved with musically, he writes beautiful songs.

This is indeed a truly magical album not unlike 'Forever Changes' Love and I highly recommend diving in - here's a link to the whole thing - I was going to recommend some songs but I'll just end up typing out the whole track listing..... well, I love it anyway :)

Here's a great article about him -

Interview -

If it's blocked here's an alternative link which also has some lovely film footage of all the above bands in the fan video -

In case you didn't know... "Back in the early nineties, for one beautiful spring night in Wolstenholme Square, the air was filled with Love, as Arthur Lee came to town. His band that night? Shack. A pairing truly made in heaven’s heaven, and for the Liverpool band, a dream come true". Read all about it here -


#Soother - I need something soothing as think something has happened to our hedgehog Bramble, 6th night of no visit after months of visiting every night and sleeping in our hedgehog house. No sign, uneaten food, I don't think she/he has gone into hibernation somewhere else as weather is so sunny and mild but I hope that's the case :-(

Have a lovely weekend all you magical people :)

1998 - Megaphone Music - United Kingdom - Album - The Magical World Of The Strands
Posted: 21st September 2019
Discovering new and rooting out past tunes and re planting them here, very randomly in that order. #TIMJ #ThisIsMyJam refugee. Grown in Manchester repotted to London.
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