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All The Wild Horses
by Ray LaMontagne

Where we stayed on South Uist we had 180 degree uninterrupted view across the sea towards the Isle of Eriskay. Four of these beautiful Eriskay wild ponies were our neigh bours and they would regularly show up in our garden eating the fabulous Machair (more on this later). I must have taken over 100 photo's and these glamour shots, taken during severe gales are my favourites with one even looking like a unicorn!

From :
Modern Eriskay ponies are the last surviving remnants of the original native ponies of the Western Isles of Scotland. The Eriskay Pony we see today is a result of human in addition to natural selection. The ponies had evolved to survive on meagre food supplies, with coats, ears and tails well adapted to coping with a harsh, wet and windy climate. Eriskays were domesticated and subject to the forces of living in a society where women and children did most of the work while the men were at sea. Only those ponies happy to live in close proximity with their handlers, those willing to be trained and work hard, were retained. Over the centuries of domestication, the Eriskay ponies evolved into hardy, versatile, people friendly characters with a wonderful temperament and are often used to work with disabled and special needs children.

On many of the islands increasing mobility and farming pressures led to larger ponies becoming fashionable. Norwegian Fjords, Arabs, Clydesdales and others were introduced to “improve” the native stocks and produce larger, stronger animals. On the remote island of Eriskay in the Western Isles, however, due to difficulties with access, other breeds were not introduced, leaving a stock of pure bred ponies which, due to mechanisation, had declined to around 20 animals by the early 1970s.

It was at this time that a dedicated group of people comprising a local priest, doctor, vet, scientist and crofters, got together and decided to save the ponies whose numbers were dangerously low. Through their hard work and the establishment of breeding groups throughout the British Isles, numbers have risen steadily and now there are around 420 Eriskays in the world.

The Eriskay Pony is classed as critical by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust with whom the Eriskay Pony Society works closely to ensure the long term survival of the breed.

“All the wild horses
All the wild horses
Tethered with tears in their eyes
May no man's touch ever tame you
May no man's reigns ever chain you
And may no man's weight ever lay afraid your soul
And as for the clouds
Just let them roll
Roll away
Roll away
As for the clouds
Just let them roll
Roll away
Roll away”
2004 - United States - Album - Trouble
Posted: 9th August 2019
Discovering new and rooting out past tunes and re planting them here, very randomly in that order. #TIMJ #ThisIsMyJam refugee. Grown in Manchester repotted to London.
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