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I’m locked in my happy zone this week, setting up my hedgehog house.

I’ve signed up to be a ‘hedgehog champion’ too this week, I’ve been helping them out a bit for quite a while now with little contributions/donations etc.

In order to do be a hedgehog champion you have to pledge to make a hole in your garden perimeter/fence and ask a neighbour to do the same. And then actually do it. The neighbours to the left would use hoggies as footballs so instead I asked lovely retired lady on the other side who has got hog food but hadn’t got around to doing anything about it. According to the hedgehog preservation society ‘Ensuring hedgehogs can pass freely through your garden is the most important thing you can do to help them’.

Hedgehogs are rapidly declining in the UK due to loss of hedges (clue is in the name), agricultural practices and chemical up tight and tidy gardens. They are so very close to extinction and it makes me sad and cross. We have a huge six foot fence around our entire garden and these types of gardens are helping to kill hedgehogs. They roam for miles each night in search of food and mates and just can’t get into many gardens which are often ideal habitats.
So, I dug a couple of holes, connected with decent neighbours, installed a house and feed area, scattered with leaf litter and branches, will soon be planting hawthorn and other native hedging. Added food and now we wait….. I’m not building hopes as area not great for hedgehogs but no harm in trying. Kids are primed to GO!

I didn’t spend much time looking for hedgehog related songs as there are probably none (prove me wrong?) So am travelling a different avenue.

I wish there were multiple, no, a deluge of glorious adorable hedgehogs and the wildlife I remember as a child. Sad fact is we’ve killed them by our way of living. Good news? Not much, BUT now we know we did that we need to and can help. If you hate the idea of no more hedgehogs (and you should) look here -

More info -


Posted: 8th October 2018
Discovering new and rooting out past tunes and re planting them here, very randomly in that order. #TIMJ #ThisIsMyJam refugee. Grown in Manchester repotted to London.
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